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How I Rediscover Myself

Discover yourself  in stillness - inside yourself  in tranquilness.

Discover yourself  in silence - inside your soul in cadence.

Discover yourself in wisdom - inside yourself in freedom.

There you are, knowing cosmic everlasting - glowing.

There you are, flowing amazing magnificent - growing. 

Discover yourself in reflection - inside your soul, in connection.

Discover Yourself by Lella Satie

How I Rediscover Myself

I was always there, yet I had to seek and wonder. I had to grow through hurt and pain, through traumas and experiences. I had to learn to love and accept all of me. I thought I did. However, when something triggered pain or suffering I knew I had to work on loving me more. Loving self is not selfish, it is the greatest gift one can give to self. How can you expect anyone to love you, all of you -if you don’t love yourself. Others will come and go, yet you alone remain with yourself for good. 

How I discovered and rediscover myself is through loving and accepting all of me. I found myself through learning about all that interests me. I discovered myself by expressing my creativity through acting, directing, dancing, learning, teaching and healing. I rediscovered myself in ancient texts and wisdom, from my mentors and teachers. I found myself by expanding my mind and knowledge. I discovered myself in choosing plant based nutrition. I rediscover myself through taking care of my body, mind and soul. 

The more I love myself the more love I have to give. I love me. I love you. 

Discover and rediscover yourself.  Love, Lella

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